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Redick Injury Update

The playoffs are here, is JJ ready?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After bruising his left heel, in the first half, against the Memphis Grizzlies, J.J. Redick did not return for the second half of that game. As of now however, Redick does expect to play Sunday night against the Portland Trail Blazers. Redick's usage and effectiveness for Sunday's game however remains in limbo.

Head coach Doc Rivers said the bruised heel is a concern, but he's not sure just how big of a concern it is yet.

Redick's left heel treatment has included usage of a walking boot for 48 hours, ice, and Ibuprofen. He was however11 seen without a boot on during Friday's practice (which he did NOT participate in).

Thus the Clippers may be looking at playing Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers more during some initial games in the series. The good news at least for now is that this is not another (in a long line of) back injury for Redick, and Redick is now capable of walking without a boot on.