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Lawler's Law: Upheld by all but Clippers

On a Thursday night when five NBA teams were able to defend Lawler's Law, the Clippers let down their broadcaster of several decades by losing after getting to 100 points first.

Ralph greets crowd
Ralph greets crowd
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers, shorthanded as they were, put up one heck of a show Thursday night in Oklahoma. When Doc Rivers announced the resting of his trusted starters, surely ESPN prayed for some redeeming ray of hope to restore interest in the prime-time game. Well, their prayers were answered by Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford, who put up 64 points as a pair.

These performances were enough to get the Clippers to 100 points first, but they were, unfortunately, not enough to secure the win. Thus, Lawler's Law -- "first to 100 points, wins" -- was broken. Even worse, the Clippers were the only team of the night that could not uphold the Law:

Lawler's Law, of course coined by the Clippers' long time broadcaster, is generally correct. In fact, there is even a website dedicated to tracking its accuracy. Latest calculations have the Law at 93.88% accuracy since the 1996-1997 season. But the Law gets significantly less accurate in "close games' -- Thursday's game being of this kind -- with only 79.17%.

In other Ralph Lawler related news, writer Rowan Kavner recently published a long piece on Lawler entitled, "A Voice Undefeated."