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Blake Griffin is Still Hurt

But he ain't got time to heal up.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Woike tweeted today that:

This revelation:

(1) Explains why Blake took so long in his "recovery" before returning to the Clippers to serve his suspension and prepare for the playoffs. Truth appears to be that Blake never did recover. How bad is this injury then? Will it require inevitable off-season surgery?

(2) Doc needs to balance winning now and winning in the future. As much as the Clippers will need every last bit of Blake to have a chance to beat the Golden State Warriors and/or the San Antonio Spurs, Doc Rivers cannot play Blake with reckless abandon. That may lead to Blake re-injuring himself and jeopardizing next year, let alone the remainder of the playoffs for this year.

Until more news becomes available, stay tuned.