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NBA Playoffs 2016 Injury Update: Chris Paul Breaks Hand, Griffin Re-Aggravates Quad

The Clippers could be moving on without both of their stars.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After dropping games 3 in Portland, the Clippers could not have had a worse time of it Monday night, as they lost game 4 and most of their star players to injury.

Chris Paul has a fractured third metacarpal in his right hand, which is essentially a broken shooting hand.  The timetable for this kind of injury is iffy, but he didn't look pleased and early rumblings seem to suggest that he'll be ruled out for the remainder of the playoffs.  Optimistically, maybe if the fracture is minor he can play through the injury, or at least return if the rest of the Clippers can come together and win two more games to advance.  Realistically, a fractured third metacarpal is likely to cost him for the rest of the post-season, even if the Clippers can still advance past Portland and even if they were to somehow keep advancing beyond that.

Blake Griffin re-aggravated his injured right quad, forcing him out of the game after he attempted to play through it.  This is, of course, a reminder that his injury was originally mishandled back in December, causing him to miss three months instead of one.  Now, he's still playing with it, and it's a pain management issue.  Doc Rivers said after the game that Griffin was likely 50/50 for game 5, but he'd have a better idea tomorrow morning.

We'll have more updates on both of these injuries as details come in.