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Clippers Confident Despite Underdog Role

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In a couple of tweets from Rowan Kavner, a couple key Clippers shared their thoughts on their remaining round 1 games, and there is no lack of confidence.

You gotta love their confidence. On top of that, the whole team showed the world yesterday that they aren't lacking any heart. The team fought hard against the favored Blazers, and actually held a lead in the second half, and entered the 4th quarter tied with the guys from Portland. Many fans, myself included, thought that they had no chance in game 5, but proved us wrong, at least for 3 quarters.

With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin out, the roles are now reversed for the two teams heading into game 6. The Blazers have home court advantage, and the Clippers are relegated to the roll of spoiler. Hopefully, the team realizes that the pressure is on the Blazers, and they can come out relaxed and just have fun playing basketball. If they can do this, along with continued confidence and heart, we might get more a few more chances to see them play at Staples Center in this year's playoffs.