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Austin Rivers opens up about his father, Chris Paul, and playing in LA

Check out this amazing video from VICE.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

When Austin Rivers first joined the LA Clippers, he had to weather a mailstorm of media scrutiny. Words like "nepotism" were flung around with abandon and glee. And yet, he survived. Now, he is in the starting lineup as the Clippers try to stave off elimination. With Chris Paul's injury, Rivers has been tasked with keeping the ship afloat (pun intended).

Check out this really insightful video from VICE:

This quote particularly stuck out.

"Me and [Doc's] relationship is a lot different than what people think it is. You know, growing up he was always in Boston. For the most part of my life he was in Boston and I was in Orlando, so we were far apart from each other. So I didn't really get to see him that much growing up like people usually get to do with their father. This is the most we've actually ever hung out."

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