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Last 2 Minute Report: Missed Calls on Clippers

The Clippers got away with a couple non-calls at the end of their epic, shorthanded battle with the Thunder on Thursday night. Although it was not enough for them to pull out the win, the NBA has acknowledged their referee's shortcomings.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA has formally recognized some incorrect officiating at the end the Clippers' latest battle with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Through their relatively new "Last Two Minute Report" -- which is meant to clarify referee error at the end of close games -- the league ultimately brought to light four incorrect non-calls that occurred in the last new minutes of the game -- all four being calls that should have been called against the Clippers.

Below is a screenshot of the report, with incorrect calls outlined in red:

Infraction one was, apparently, a missed foul call on Jeff Green during a Kevin Durant shot with 1:54 minutes left in the game.

Secondly, Wesley Johnson was in the paint for too long with about 51 seconds left. The video reveals Johnson cheating off of Randy Foye as Westbrook begins to drive to the goal. Westbrook took advantage of Johnson and hits Foye in the corner. Johnson, then, gets beat off of the dribble and the play continues.

Thirdly, Durant gets fouled again with no call -- Rivers gets away with the play with about 44 seconds left. The game was tied at the time of this shot, so the non-call really helped the Clippers here. Unfortunately, Westbrook got the offensive board and the Thunder retained possession anyways.

Finally, Pablo Prigioni went hard for the rebound of Rivers' shot that would have tied it. In the process, he fouls Foye -- the would-be-rebounder -- while Westbrook snags the board with 5 seconds left.

All in all, these calls would have made it much harder on the Clippers to win the game (which they lost anyways) but I would not say they were severely consequential. Johnson's missed three-in-the-key did not give him a defensive advantage (he got beat off the dribble anyways) and Durant's missed shot went back to the Thunder anyways. Finally, although Prigioni technically fouled Foye going for the rebound, it is unlikely that any referee would make that call anyways. With time winding down in a two-point game, usually those things are allowed (being that it was not much of a hard foul).

It is valuable, however, that the league does these reports. They add good insight into how the game ought to be called, even though they cannot reverse any outcomes.