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A Brief Thank You to Clips Nation

The season is over, but the blog is about much more than that.

The Clippers' big four were all saddled with injuries, and Austin Rivers' half-court heave failed to force overtime in a deciding game six.  And so this Clippers season came to an end, my first as Editor-in-Chief of Clips Nation.

I've been on the site as a commenter for seven years now, and I debuted on the front page in October of 2011.  Even with that experience, taking on the full-time day-to-day duties was still a larger burden than I ever expected.  I found myself doing more than I thought I would have to, and leaning more heavily on the amazingly talented writers we have here more than I expected to.  Thankfully, the people on staff stepped up throughout the season at every turn, and we were able to work together to turn out a year of coverage that I'm incredibly proud of.

Of course, this all starts with the one and only Steve Perrin, who started this blog, cultivated it for a decade, hired me, and handed me the reigns last summer.  Beyond that I got a plethora of invaluable advice from a group I call the "CN Brain Trust"--Steve along with Erik Olsgaaard, John Raffo, citizen zhiv, and boltsfan21.  This group of old-timers and pros within the industry were my sounding board throughout the year.  Furthermore, our dutiful editors--Larson Ishii, Taylor Smith, and Ray Samora--helped me with behind-the-scenes stuff in addition to putting out brilliant content of their own.

Our social media staffers (Aaron Perine and Luis Medina) had an immensely successful year out of the spotlight, and our moderators (Jackduhsun, peterghost, SteveB1107) continued their dutiful quest to keep our comments section as unlike typical internet comment sections as possible.

The most noticeable and most significant contributions came from our writing staff--Thomas Wood, Jul Jessup, Rohan Ramnarain, Kenneth Armstrong, Davey Bales, Shapan Debnath, Robert Flom, Danielle Greenberg, Matt Heller, Jonathan Hu, Caden Kinard, Niels Pineda, Adithya, and Johnny Stark.  They all contributed in major ways, keeping the front page fresh all season long.

It occurs to me that as I receive tweets, texts, and e-mails thanking me for Clips Nation's coverage this season, all of those thanks deserve to be shared with the wonderful people above.  There were a lot of differences in how the site operated this year compared to past years, and I feel very fortunate to have had the 27 (!) exceptional individuals listed above support me and help me.

From myself, and on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of people who read Clips Nation this year, I'd like to thank them.

And from myself, and on behalf of them, I'd like to thank you: our readers.  Without people reading the posts, debating in the comments, and replying to us on twitter, there'd be no reason for us to be here.  There is no greater contributor to the site than the people who read our content and share it.  Thank you.  Let's do it again.