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Chris Paul's Top Ten Plays

The NBA put together Chris Paul's highlight tape for the season. Check out what made the cut!

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Christopher Emmanuel Paul, also known as the 'Point God,' was forced to carry this Clippers team for the majority of the season. But even after willing his team to the fourth seed in the Western Conference, his efforts were all for not when he fractured phones in his hand in the first round of the playoffs -- ending his, and the Clippers', season.

Although Paul would never be satisfied with just an elite highlight tape, we, as fans, can look back on the great plays he produced on the court and appreciate his efforts.

Check out the NBA's Top Ten Plays for Chris Paul:

He is not often known as a three point shooter, but many of these highlights show his ability to connect from deep range. Moreover, we see not one but two dunks from the six-foot guard (if we believe the listings - some say he is much shorter). Neither of the dunks would measure up to that of DeAndre Jordan or Blake Griffin but nonetheless, they got the team excited all the same.