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Clippers will play in Orlando Summer League

Once again, the Clippers will head east for their summer league activities.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers will not be returning to the Vegas Summer League -- instead, they will head to Orlando for the second straight year. This does not come with much surprise, given that Head Coach Doc Rivers and his family are so fond of Orlando as a place to live.

Not that the summer league competition at all mirrors the regular season play, but their competition will be made up of primarily playoff caliber organizations:

But whether or not their are good organizations at the summer league program is unlikely the rationale behind this decision. As stated above, Doc's personal connection to the city probably played into the decision.

It is unfortunate, however, because having the team play in Vegas would provide the opportunity for some of the hometown fans to come out to watch the team. But, maybe, Doc is trying to avoid another distraction, such as Blake Griffin's faux-drama with the man that accused him of hitting him in a nightclub (not that Blake would spend time in the summer league location but regardless Vegas can be trouble).