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J.J. Redick's "Punch Dive Stagger"

Fast Model Sports' Gibson Pyper breaks down one of the Clippers' favorite plays.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Gibson Pyper of Fast Model Sports sketched out one of the Clippers' favorite plays. J.J. Redick, who is constantly running off of screens in Doc Rivers' offense, often gets open threes from this play. Check it out:

Redick shot 47.5% from the three point range this season (leading the league) but he is not, typically, the kind of player that finds his own shot. Rather, with the help of DeAndre Jordan and other big men, he gets free off of screens and off-ball action.

This is, possibly, why he does not seem to match his shooting excellence in activities such as the three-point contest, in which players start from a stationary position and go straight into a shot. It seems as though he is more comfortable on the run.

Check out some of J.J.'s highlights from a past season to judge for yourself: