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Clippers celebrate Mother's Day

Like all good sons, the Clippers' players and coaches alike wished their mothers a Happy Mother's Day. We, as well, hope all the mothers in Clippers Nation had a special day!

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On this Mother's Day, we, unfortunately, have to watch other NBA teams play while the Clippers are at home (or, more likely, on vacation). But at least the Clippers players, coaches, and fans did not have to worry about balancing watching or playing a game and planning on celebrating Mother's Day, right?

To let the world know how much they care and appreciate their moms, some in the Clippers organization took to social media:

But first, the Clippers' Instagram account put out a challenge. Guess who?

Guess who? Head to for a special #MothersDay photo gallery.

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Let's just say that this player's quad was probably more healthy at this point in time than right now.

Austin Rivers has often said that his mother was the one that assured him that playing for his father, Doc Rivers, would work out well. So far, she has been right on -- she is the "glue."

Undoubtably, this is a tough day for coach Doc Rivers, who just recently had to say goodbye to his own mother. Below, we see that he still feels her presence:

Thinking of you on Mother's Day Mom...Your guiding light is always shining on me ⭐️

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And, finally, Jamal Crawford not only praised the mothers in his life, but also all of the moms across the world. As always, a man of the people: