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Clips Nation's 2016 NBA Draft Viewing Party

Come hang out with Clippers fans, eat good food, and watch the draft.

Great news everyone!  Even though we weren't able to have an official Clips Nation viewing party this year (my bad for living in New York during the season), Steve and I have put together the next best thing--an NBA Draft Viewing Party.

We're going to be hosted once again by long-time Clips Nation member and friend of the site, citizen pegitom, at his restaurant in Torrance: Joey's Smokin' BBQ.  The Clippers have picks 25 and 33--based on past years, those should come somewhere in the 7:00-8:30 pm range.  They also might trade into the teens, placing them a little earlier--but that's unpredictable.  Steve and I will be there all day, so come by, chat, meet Clippers fans, and watch some draft.  All the info is in the flyer below (thanks to citizen med_lu):

Clips Nation 2016 NBA Draft Viewing Party

If you're planning on coming, help my out by filling out this form.  It's by no means mandatory and you're welcome to show up last-minute without it, but it'll help me know who to expect to be chatting with at what time.

If you're got any questions, ask in the comments, hit up a staff member on twitter, or shoot Steve or I an e-mail.  Can't wait to see you there!