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Lawrence Frank gets new post

Lawrence Frank is not leaving entirely: he moves from the bench to the front-office.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Stein, of ESPN, has reported that the Clippers will be altering assistant coach Lawrence Frank's job description, moving him from the bench to the front office.

Stein also had the following to add:

Another looming switch for the Clippers, sources say, is veteran assistant coach Brendan O'Connor moving from behind the bench to the front of it to fill the void created by Frank's move to management.

Frank has typically worked on the defensive end of the Clippers' strategy, but this move might be a recognition on Doc's behalf that he cannot adequately address all the roles he has. This has been a long standing criticism of Doc: one man having too many responsibilities and too much power is doomed to fail.

But, of course, with this move Doc does not lose much power -- only shares some responsibilities.