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Paul Pierce Loves GT Shoe Repair

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Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, a recent skit from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show featured current Clipper Paul Pierce in a mock commercial for GT Shoe Repair in Los Angeles. The commercial took the typical format of local business commercials featuring local athletes. Check it out:

You have to love the production effort that it took to make this look like a cheap, local commercial. It reminds me of the classic Crazy Gideon commercials I remember as a kid.

Maybe Pierce would have played a little better if he had gone to GT Shoe Repair sooner. Those shoes he was playing in were in horrible condition! Paul Pierce was definitely a disappointment this season for the Clippers, but he might have a career future in cheesy local commercials.

In case you are wondering, GT Shoe Repair in the heart of Los Angeles, just a few blocks from the Miracle Mile, is a real shoe repair business, as confirmed by their Yelp! page. And they even get some good reviews.