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How Have Recent 25th and 33rd NBA Draft Picks Panned Out?

The Clippers have the 25th and 33rd picks in the 2016 NBA Draft. To better understand the odds of their selecting a real NBA player, I took a look at the last 10 drafts and who was picked at those spots. The results were varied to say the least.

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25th pick- Shannon Brown. Brown actually had a pretty successful career. He played in 408 NBA games over 9 seasons, and was a part of two championship teams. Always just a role player, and sometimes not even that much, Brown's story might be different if he came along a couple years later—advanced metrics were not kind to him despite his athletic prowess. Nonetheless, this is a good outcome for a late 1st round pick.

33rd pick- Solomon Jones. The first Clipper on the list (he had a 10 game stint in 2011), Jones was also a good pick at his spot. He played in fewer seasons and games than Brown, but still made himself an 8 year career, and was a rotation player for around half of those. Not bad, but not great either.


25th- Morris Almond. Who??? "Mo" Almond was drafted by the Utah Jazz, but only played in 35 games with them over two seasons. He then had an extended D-League stint (where he was the league leading scorer) before an extremely brief cup of coffee with the Wizards in 2011. He has already retired from professional basketball.

33rd- Marcus Williams. Yet another ex-Clippers, Marcus Williams is truly an example that not every San Antonio Spurs' pick works out. He only played in 13 NBA games, and 10 were for the Clips.


25th- Nicolas Batum. The first real steal so far, Batum is about to get a max contract in the NBA. While he isn't quite at an All-Star level, Batum is easily a starter quality player on a contending team, and his versatility on the basketball court will make him one of the prizes this summer. It is very unlikely to draft someone as good as Batum this late in the draft, but it can obviously be done.

33rd- Joey Dorsey. While he had somewhat of a better career than Williams or Almond, Dorsey still didn't do much in his time in the NBA. After being out of the league for several years, he actually made a comeback in 2014 with the Houston Rockets, but was waived at the end of the season.


25th- Rodrigue Beaubois. Roddy looked incredibly promising his rookie season. So promising that he was thought by many to be a cornerstone of the Mavericks franchise. But alas, injuries and scouting reports slowed him down, and Beaubois was out of the league after just four short seasons.

33rd- Dante Cunningham. Dante is still in the NBA, and was actually a good rotation player for the Pelicans this past year. He's not great, but he will probably be in the league for another handful of teams, and honestly, he would be a good fit on the Clips.


25th- Dominique Jones. "Dojo", as he was affectionately called, played 80 games over 3 seasons before exiting the NBA. Not quite Mo Almond level, this was still a pretty bad pick at 25.

33rd- Hassan Whiteside. Hassan Whiteside is another player who is going to get a max contract this offseason. One of the premier defensive centers in the game, Whiteside's combination of height and athleticism is absolutely stellar. The reason he fell so far in the draft was concern about his attitude, a worry that has manifested itself as absolutely correct. However, talent has won out over his issues, and now all the teams who passed on him (in the draft and as a minimum contract free agent) look foolish.


25th- MarShon Brooks. Another prospect who looked like a potential impact player in his rookie season, Brooks sadly flamed out due to his ball-hogging and poor efficiency. He played for three different teams in the 2013-2014 season and couldn't hold on with any of them. That was his last season in the NBA.

33rd- Kyle Singler. Kyle somehow received a 5 year, 25 million dollar contract from the Oklahoma City Thunder last summer. He repaid them with absolutely awful play this past year, but should be able to turn it around a little bit. He's not worth his contract, but is probably a good enough shooter to hang around the NBA for a while yet.


25th- Tony Wroten. One of Sam Hinkie's ex-reclamation projects in Philadelphia, Wroten might be on his way out of the NBA very shortly. He has a contract for next season with the Knicks, but it is unguaranteed, and it is very possible they want a better player as they make their playoff push. Athletic and exciting to watch, Wroten hasn't been able to convert his tools into actual good production.

33rd- Bernard James. A terrific story of a former Air Force sergeant who made his way through the college ranks and into the NBA, James actually looked like a decent role player in his rookie season, but was never able to reach that level again. James isn't in the NBA anymore, but is still in a pretty good league over in Turkey.


25th- Reggie Bullock. Our old friend Reggie looked like a disaster for most of his time with the Clippers, but Stan Van Gundy has thrown him into the washing machine and found a brand new Reggie underneath! One who actually hits shots and has a semblance of what to do on the court! It's still early, but Reggie might have a longterm place in the NBA yet.

33rd- Carrick Felix- Carrick played 7 games in the NBA for the Cavs, and that's it. He does possess a fantastic name though.


25th- Clint Capela. The hulking center for the Houston Rockets is in line to be their starting center next season after Dwight Howard leaves this summer. He made huge strides in his offensive game during his sophomore season, and his rim protecting potential can't be denied. Capela probably has a good, long career in the NBA ahead of him.

33rd- Joe Harris. After an ok rookie performance with the Cavs, Harris got limited minutes this season before being traded to the Magic, who promptly waived him. I don't think he is exactly lighting up the free agent boards this summer, but it's possible someone gives him a look in Summer League or training camp.


25th- Jarell Martin. Martin showed some promise for the ragtag Grizzlies towards the end of his rookie season. It's very early but hey, he has already played more games than some others on this list!

33rd- Jordan Mickey. Martin's teammate at LSU, Mickey had a much smaller impact in his respective first year in the NBA, playing less than Martin and playing worse when he did get the minutes. Again, he is still young, but the Celtics are making a move towards contention, and younger players like Mickey might get the short end of the stick.

Wrap Up: So that's it! 12 of these 20 players are already out of the NBA (or close to it), and that isn't counting the two rookies from last year. Seven of them had decent or better careers, which isn't a bad success rate this late in the draft. On the other hand, quite a few of these players made absolutely no mark whatsoever on the NBA. The Clippers probably aren't going to land a Whiteside or Batum, but even a Brown or Cunningham would be nice to have going forward.