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NBA Draft 2016: Clippers Select David Michineau and Diamond Stone With 39th and 40th Picks

The French PG and Maryland C are the newest Los Angeles Clippers.

With the 39th and 40th picks in the 2016 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Clippers have selected David Michineau, a 6'4" point guard from France, and Diamond Stone, a center from Maryland.

Michineau is a likely draft-and-stash international prospect.  At some point down the line, the Clippers will hope to cash in by bringing him over, but for now, he'll likely keep developing in France and Doc Rivers will have an extra roster spot to work with short-term.

If he comes over, Michineau will help the Clippers with depth at point guard, especially if Austin Rivers leaves in free agency.  Even if he doesn't, the Clippers have a need for a capable lead guard in a part-time role, and we've seen time and time again that there isn't a better place in the league for a young point guard than behind Chris Paul.

Stone will help the Clippers down low, as they search for both a reliable third big to take over where Cole Aldrich left off, and for a decent depth big to develop.  Last year, they filled the third-string spot with NBA D-League big men, but now it's a not-so-bad worst-case landing spot for Stone, where he'll get to grow and provide depth.  This is largely buying a second lottery ticket for a rotational big.