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NBA Draft 2016 Open Thread: Clippers Pick at 25, 33

It's time!

Jake Pavorsky

Hello and welcome to Clips Nation's 2016 NBA Draft Open Thread.  The Clippers are starting the day with picks 25 and 33, although that can always change--in my mock draft, I made deals to swap both picks for veterans, and in real life, the Clippers are rumored to be exploring a pick swap to move into the teens.  No matter what happens, we're going to have something to talk about today--in years past the Clippers have been bystanders or made marginal moves, and that won't be the case this year.

Here's the Clips Nation 2016 Draft Primer from this morning.  In it are links to scouting reports on almost 40 prospects and analysis about potential trades.

Here's all the info for the Clips Nation 2016 NBA Draft Viewing Party.  If you can make it to Torrance, even for just a little bit, we'd love to have you.

Happy drafting!