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2016 NBA Draft: Mock Draft Consensus for Pick 25

Here is a complete (or as close to it as possible) summary of what players each significant mock draft has the Clippers selecting at number 25. There are some more frequent picks, but there is by no means anything close to a consensus.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, we would like to thank AllThatAmar from the wonderful Jazz blog SLC Dunk, who put together the main version of this consensus draft right here. The amount of work made to create this seems pretty staggering, with around 40 different mock drafts being used. Without further ado, here are whom all these sources think the Clippers will draft at 25.

LAC Pick 25 Consensus AllThatAmar

Here's the summary by count of player from most common to least:

6: Brice Johnson

4: Demetrius Jackson, DeAndre Bembry

3: Taurean Prince, Chieck Diallo

2: Diamond Stone, Ben Bentil, Denzel Valentine, Ivica Zubac

1: Ante Zicic, Damion Jones, Deyonta Davis, Gary Payton II, Henry Ellenson, Isaiah Cousins, Malik Beasley, Malachi Richardson

All in all, 17 different players were chosen as the Clippers pick....... and there were only 36 mock drafts. While obviously some picks were more common then others, the highest percentage of any player was Brice Johnson: 16.6% (1/6) of the drafts had him going to the Clippers.

These are also pretty favorable picks. Johsnon, Jackson, Bembry, and Prince would all be terrific gets at 25, as would Valentine, Payton II, and Jones. Some of the other guys would be unlikely (Ellenson and Davis aren't going to drop to 25, and Cousins is a huge reach), but the only picks on here I really wouldn't like that are realistic are Diallo and Richardson.

The draft is coming up in just under two hours! Who would you like the Clippers to pick, and who on here is a realistic target? I hope you all are excited, cause I know I am!