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Clippers Add Alex Hamilton for Orlando Summer League

The undrafted Louisiana Tech guard will get a shot in Orlando.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

There are some disadvantages to playing in the Orlando Summer League--it's lower profile, fans can't watch on TV, and local bloggers can't drive to go see the game and hang out with other basketball folk (cough, cough).  There are some advantages too.  Besides being located in Doc Rivers' off-season home, the Orlando league features less teams, and takes place before Vegas.  Many top undrafted free agents and fringe veterans fighting for roster spots will do double duty, and playing in a league where the talent is diluted between less teams gives the Clippers more opportunities to add talent. (Overall, I'm not sure there's really much of an important difference between the two leagues).

This year, they've already gotten started--Alex Hamilton, a guard from Louisiana Tech, will play for the Clippers' SL team, according to Alex Kennedy.

He scored 19.8 points in his senior season, averaging 6.2 assists and 5.7 rebounds a game as well.  One thing he didn't do well is shoot--under 30% from the college three.  He was part of the Clippers' draft workouts on Monday, so it's not surprising that they'd pick up a guy who performed well in their gym.

We'll have more news on the Clippers SL roster and schedule as it comes.