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Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford Free Agency News

Jamal Crawford has been getting a lot of attention in NBA rumors, and Austin Rivers figures to be one of the better guards on the market. Reports just came out which tell us a little bit more about their options and desires on the eve of free agency.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

First off, Austin Rivers is looking for a contract in the realm of 8 million dollars a year, per Brad Turner of the LA Times.

Now, this is actually really good news for the Clippers. Austin Rivers has been projected by several here on Clips Nation to make around 10 million dollars per year. Or at least, that's around how much we think he is worth on the open market. The fact that he is looking at "just" eight means the Clippers shouldn't have to think twice when offering him a deal. Even better, it's possible some of the players in Austin's tier won't be worth quite as much as everyone was thinking.

Turner also reported that Austin has a few teams he is ready to meet with, and the Clippers are obviously among them.

This isn't surprising whatsoever. Austin is not a lock to return to Doc and the Clippers,  but a meeting was all but guaranteed, and I still think it's likely he is wearing Clipper colors again next season.

Finally, Turner (he had three consecutive tweets involving Clippers' free agency in around a minute) had a quick list of which teams Jamal is meeting with for free agency.

Jamal has already been rumored to the Knicks and Magic, so seeing those teams isn't shocking. Dallas and Miami are teams I don't think I have heard before, but it is readily apparent that Jamal is not going to have any lack of suitors in free agency. One of these teams might already be drawing out of the race, however, as Shams Charania of Yahoo just reported that the Magic are acquiring shooting guard Jodie Meeks from Detroit. Now, this doesn't mean Jamal is off their radar, but it does seem a bit odd to acquire both Meeks and Jamal, who are both gunners of the highest order.

Expect more news and reports to leak throughout the day, as each minute free agency draws closer and closer.