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Potential Clippers Targets in Free Agency

In a deleted tweet from earlier today, Ben Bolch of the LA Times gave a list of players the Clippers might go after in free agency. The list contained: Ronnie Price, Ramon Sessions, Gerald Green, Darrell Arthur, and Jason Thompson.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This is a varied assortment of players, all veterans, but playing different positions. There are two point guards, a wing, and two big men. I will go through them from small to big.

Ronnie Price: Price is an 11 year journeyman point guard who last played for the Phoenix Suns. Considered a "pro's pro", Price is the model of a good locker-room guy, but has improved his play as well. Last year, at age 32, he set career highs in games played, total minutes played, and points per game. While his career has been one of extreme inefficiency from the floor (37.5% shooting), he shot 34.7% from three last year on 196 attempts. Known more for his pesky defense and "intangibles", if Price's shooting really holds up then he would be a nice backup point guard. His Price would also be right, as I can't see him getting much more than the vet minimum.

Ramon Sessions: Sessions is another long-tenured vet, having played in the NBA for 9 seasons, but is four years younger than Price. He played for the Wizards last year off the bench, and averaged just under 10 points a game on very good efficiency. Ramon can't really shoot, but he is terrific attacking the basket, as he is always one of the league leaders in free throw attempts among reserves. He has a nice midrange game as well, and can pile up assists at times. Sessions has two significant weaknesses: poor defense, and a tendency to wear blinders while driving to the rim. Ramon would be a very nice reserve guard, but he would cost the Clippers the MLE, and some team will likely offer him more than that.

Gerald Green: Green is another bench gunner, but unlike Sessions is allergic to the free throw line, preferring to launch jumpers instead. He is extremely streaky, capable of hitting 3-4 three pointers in a couple minutes, but also of shooting 0-9 and dragging the team down with him. His shooting has been on a steady decline the past couple seasons, and he doesn't do anything well outside of scoring buckets. He played on a minimum contract last year, and if the Clippers got him for that this year then I wouldn't mind. Anything more than that and it would be a bad decision.

Darrell Arthur: Darrell is a truly terrific backup big man who would be a great get at the MLE. Last year he hit 38.5% of his threes, though that came just a year after hitting 23.6% on similar attempts. However, he struggled with injuries for several years, and at age 28 is still young enough to improve a bit. The shooting from deep may or may not be for real, but the rest of his game is good anyway. Arthur can shoot from midrange, is a fine passer for a big man, and is versatile defensively. Once considered more of a tweener, he is now coming into his own as one of those players who can cover several positions effectively on defense, ranging from small forwards to centers. The issue with Arthur is that he is in high demand, and again, some team will probably offer him more than the Clippers can.

Jason Thompson: JT, as he is known, is a big man who has spent most of his career with the Sacramento Kings. After being a starter or significant rotation player for much of his time in the NBA, Thompson was set adrift last season, struggling to find minutes on the Warriors, getting cut, and then signing with the Raptors. He played better for the Raptors, and even got some playoff minutes over the aging Luis Scola. While Jason doesn't do anything great, he doesn't do anything badly either: he can score around the basket, rebound the ball, and play some interior defense. Even better, because he is still owed money next year, he will probably sign below market value. And at the minimum, he would be a great signing as a safety net for the Clippers' rookie big men.

NBA news is coming fast and furious today as teams get set to talk to players and make signings. Free agency is but 30 hours away. As Ralph Lawler would say, "Fasten your seat belts"!