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Durant Saga Will Be Over by July 4th

Adrian Wojnarowski has reported on his free agency show that Kevin Durant will make his decision on which team he will sign with by July 4.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The schedule for Durant's meetings runs thus:

Friday: Warriors and Clippers

Saturday: Spurs and Celtics

Sunday: Heat (and Thunder again).

Monday (the 4th): Decision Time

Of course, things could change. Durant could be torn between teams, or have conflicting advice, or any number of things. But hopefully it will all be over by Monday.

This is excellent news for the Clippers. If they land Durant, well, they will be getting one of the greatest scorers of all time in his absolute prime. If not, they will still have plenty of time to make moves, whether to acquire new players or re-sign their own free agents. While Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford, and Cole Aldrich are expected to have free agent suitors, it is fairly unlikely that they sign before Durant does, as most players wait for the bigger dominoes to fall before making their own decisions.

Tomorrow will see a lot of news about Durant's free agency, and people will be freaking out with each update. Just reminder, that final decision won't be made until Monday. And we will be there when it happens.