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Durant Meeting "Went Well," Lasted 4 Hours

The Clippers brought most of their big guns to the meeting with Kevin Durant this afternoon, and the result was a four hour epic which apparently went over "very well."

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers were the second team Kevin Durant talked to in free agency (he met with the Warriors this morning), and were able to get in a very full presentation, as their meeting lasted over four hours. It's questionable what there could possibly be to talk about for that length of time, but when hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, I am sure there are many little details and ideas to go over.

The Clippers sent practically their full contingent to the meeting: owner Steve Ballmer, President of Basketball Operations and Coach Doc Rivers, Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank, and star players Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. The only person missing was Chris Paul, who is still on vacation, but that is a lot of firepower in one sit-down regardless.

The meeting went well, but then again, they always do. Very rarely do free agents come out of meetings and the following report is that "it went poorly". It's impossible to know exactly how much of an impact it made on Durant without actually being Kevin Durant, so all we can do now is sit back and wait for more meetings to happen and decisions to be made.

For what it's worth, Chris Broussard has "sources" that say Durant was blown away by the Clippers, but who knows how accurate that is. Ben Bolch also thinks there is a possibility that even if he doesn't make his final decision until Sunday evening or Monday, Durant would let the Clippers know roughly where they stand sometime on Saturday, presumably after meeting with the Celtics and Spurs.

By all accounts the Clippers did their part. Now all they can do is sit back and hope Durant chooses them.