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CJ Wilcox Trade Complete

CJ Wilcox, the Clippers 2014 1st round draft pick, was traded today to the Orlando Magic for Devyn Marble, a 2020 2nd round draft pick, and a 1.2 million dollar trade exception. Marble was subsequently waived, opening a roster spot.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

As Lucas detailed here, the most likely reason for this trade was to shed some money and create a roster spot. Sure as sure, that's exactly what happened, as shortly after the trade was completed Marble was waived.

The Clippers also acquired a 2020 2nd round pick from the Magic in the deal, as well as a 1.2 million dollar trade exception. The pick is still a ways away, and too far in the future to analyze how valuable it might become. In a couple years, we might end up rooting against the Magic, because the worse they are, the higher in the 2nd round the pick will be.

The trade exception is small, and must be used within the next year or it will vanish. The exception can't be used as cap space to sign a free agent-- it can only be used in a trade for a player under contract. 1.2 million dollars is pretty small, but it's enough to pick up some players on the minimum, especially younger ones. It's impossible to know who the Clippers might use this on, but it is something to keep an eye on as the season gets underway.

The rotation now stands thusly:






The roster count is now at 14 pending the potential signing of 2016 2nd round pick David Michineau, though all signs point to him returning to Europe for another year. Paul Pierce has yet to announce his retirement decision, though presumably the Clippers know what it is, and Branden Dawson is eminently cuttable with his non-guaranteed contract.

Look for the Clippers to pick up a veteran small forward of some kind in the coming days: Gerald Green, Dorell Wright, Alan Anderson, and Alonzo Gee are just the more prominent of the names who have been floated so far. The other possibility would be to sign another center, but with 5 players on the roster who could theoretically play the position, small forward seems like a greater necessity.

As for CJ Wilcox, we wish him the best of luck in Orlando. Hopefully he is able to stick on the roster and maybe even land a spot in the rotation. He was always blocked for minutes in Los Angeles, and it was time for both sides to move on. Good luck!