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Chris Paul: NBAPA President

Chris Paul is a special person.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As we have highlighted, Chris Paul won an ESPN Humanitarian of the Year award this week. This, of course, is a great honor and should make Clippers Nation very proud.

Paul also took part in a very moving opening to the ESPYS: Paul, along with his closest NBA peers, called for the extended athletic community to come together to help combat some of the unfortunate events that have taken place in the United States recently.

Watch it here:

Furthermore, I would like to highlight a profile, done by the Players' Association, about Chris Paul and his humanitarian efforts. You can read it, here.

Here's a quote from the piece (but you should read it all):

"I like striving to win championship after championship after championship. But you see the legacy that some people have, and it doesn’t always have to be sports related," Paul told the NBPA recently in an extended interview in New York City. "When Muhammad Ali passed, people talked about how great of a fighter he was, but people talked about what he stood for. So when I think about different things, I think about things that will last. Philanthropy has been something that I’m very into."