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David Michineau to Remain in Europe

Per Dan Woike, the Clippers' 2016 second round pick David Michineau will remain in France for the 2016-2017 season.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

David Michineau staying overseas is not unexpected. The 22 year old draft pick did not look NBA-ready in Summer League, turning the ball over frequently and not shooting well at all. Although Doc stated that he wanted Michineau in camp shortly after the draft, Michineau's failure to stand out in addition to the way the rest of the roster developed meant that he has been halfway to Europe for weeks. The final blow was the signing of Raymond Felton, which pushed Michineau all the way to 4th on the point guard depth chart, and destined him for another year abroad.

Michineau will play in Hyeres-Toulon next season, a different team than the one he played on prior to the Clippers drafting him (Chalon). Chalon is in the French A League, whereas Hyeres-Toulon is in the B League. The competition might be a bit weaker, but right now Michineau is penciled in as the starting point guard on their website, which means he will get a lot more minutes than the 14 per game he saw as a backup in Chalon last year. Hopefully the spike in minutes correlates with a leap in production, and Michineau will prove himself ready for the NBA by the 2018 season.

As for the Clippers, this means their roster now stands at 14, where it will probably remain. Doc (and most other GMs/Executives) like to leave a spot open for in-season pickups, which means 15 man rosters are rare, especially at the start of the season. Therefore, the current roster is probably who we can expect to be suiting up in October, unless a major trade happens.

Good luck to David in Hyeres-Toulon, and hopefully we see him sign a Clippers contract next season!