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WATCH: Cuttino Mobley still has it

Cuttino 'Cat' Mobley, former Clippers guard, is playing in The Drew. Check it out!

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Cuttino Mobley played with the Clippers from 2005-2008, before retiring due to heart issues. It was clear that he was not happy about having to stop playing at the time - and he even tried to make some comebacks before officially giving it up.

He does, however, continue his passion by participating in the Drew -- a summer basketball league.

Check out some of Cat's highlights:

My personal favorite memory of Mobely is from one game in November of 2006, which I attended. Cuttino played well on the offensive side of the ball; however, he was most impressive while guarding Dirk Nowitzki:

"He was terrific," Coach Mike Dunleavy said. "He gave us big buckets and took over the game.

"That forced them to have to come double-team, which opened up other opportunities to offensive rebound or get good buckets from other places. It was a sensational game from Cuttino. It was his best game here. Period."

Mobley made his biggest contribution, however, defending Mavericks All-Star forward Dirk Nowitzki.

Often matched one on one against the 7-foot Nowitzki, the 6-foot-4 Mobley stood firm and Nowitzki struggled, missing 13 of 20 shots from the field. Mobley last season often guarded small forwards because Corey Maggette sat out 50 games.

"Cuttino is a good defender," Dunleavy said. "I thought he saved our year by playing small forwards when Corey was injured. He played all those small forwards defensively so well. --

Jason Reid, LA Times

Check out more highlights from Mobley in the Drew, here: