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Jamal Crawford honored with award

The Lenny Wilkens Foundation honored Clippers' guard Jamal Crawford with their Sports Philanthropy Award. Congrats, Jamal!

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Lenny Wilkens Foundation, which is passionate about the enrichment and health of youth, honored Six-man Jamal Crawford with their "Sports Philanthropy Award" over the weekend.

The #LWfoundation achieves their ideals by funding organizations that "help young people reach their full potential while honoring their dignity and self-respect, regardless of circumstances."

The foundation is based in Medina, WA, which, of course, is in the same state from which Jamal Crawford comes. During his summers, Jamal hosts his Seattle Pro Am, as well as work with his Jamal Crawford Foundation.

Jamal may take some ill-advised shots; however, one can never question his sincerity -- he always thinks it is going in. Likewise, off the court, Jamal is always trying to help -- and this time it got recognized with a nice award.

Oh! And while we're on the topic of Jamal Crawford, check out this mixtape from a recent event at the Seattle Pro Am: