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Kevin Durant Signs with Warriors: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Everything they touch turns to gold: by losing to Lebron and the Cavs in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors seemingly improved their future prospects, as that little jot of humility made them an attractive destination for this year's marquee free agent.

What is it about July 4th?  Last year we woke up on Independence Day to discover that DeAndre Jordan had signed with the Dallas Mavericks.  That turned out to be a bad scare, followed by some odd melodrama, but this year the cold shower on the Clippers and the rest of the West and the league seems to be real and irrefutable:  Kevin Durant is going to the Dubs.

Just trying to get up a quick story so that we can get off the much-too-long Jamal Crawford thread.  Go ahead and think and discuss.  There are lots of elements and issues with this fairly radical development.

Bottom line is the fact that right after being brought down to earth in the NBA Finals and suffering an ignominious collapse after taking a 3-1 lead over the Cavs, the Warriors have added not just a top 5 NBA player, but a top 5 scorer and shooter--when they already had the two best shooters in the league in their backcourt.

This should be quite a team that GSW has put together.  Let's discuss.