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Summer League 2016, Clips vs. Orlando White: Preview and Game Thread

In their fourth game of the Orlando Summer League, the Clips' squad takes on the Orlando White Team. The game will be on NBATV at 12:00 PT.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

This is the Clippers last "regular season" summer league game before the one day playoffs tomorrow. They are currently 0-3, though they have shown some improvement each game. The team they are facing today, the Orlando White, are 3-0, and the second ranked team in the league. They are high-scoring, having pushed past the 90 point mark in their last two games, and are a veteran group, with 9 of their players hailing from the D-League. The Clippers will have their hands full.

Things to look for:

Can Brice Johnson keep it up?: Brice has bounced back from an awful first game to be the best player on the Clippers team the past two games. His defense needs work, but he has been a monster on the offensive end, soaring for lob dunks and draining mid-range jumper after mid-range jumper. Hopefully he can play with just as much energy and ferocity in today's game.

Can Michineau keep the turnovers down?: The Clippers 2nd round draft pick has showed sparks of promise, but has also turned the ball over an inordinate amount. It's Summer League, and he doesn't have much practice with these teammates, but let's look for him to hold the turnovers under 5 today.

Containing the Magic's big men: The White team's best players have been two veteran bigs: Arinze Onuaku and Justin Dentmon. Dentmon is 30, with a brief NBA stint earlier this decade, and will be very tough to handle for the Clippers' rookies. Onuaku was in the NBA as recently as a year ago, and is doing everything he can to get back into it. Brice and Diamond Stone have struggled on defense, especially against physical big men, and these matchups could be a real struggle for them.

Again, the game is on at noon pacific time on NBAtv. Check it out, the games have been fun so far!