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#NBASummer Flashbacks: CP3 and Blake Griffin

No disrespect to the current summer leaguers, but the summer games used to be a little more fun with these two prospects on the floor.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Once upon a time, our now veteran superstars -- Chris Paul and Blake Griffin -- were just fresh faces playing in the NBA's summer league. A lot has changed since then (namely that they both went from prospects to stars), but while looking back at their beginnings, it should have been clear that Paul and Griffin were destined for greatness.

Exhibit A: Chris Paul's Highlight Tape

Exhibit B: Blake Griffin (rather calmly) holds up his MVP trophy

Unfortunately, Blake would not be able to use this momentum to spark his career due to an injury during the preseason. He did, of course, end up being quite fine when he finally got his chance to play a "real" game.

Both would end up becoming Rookie of the Year -- but it all started in Summer League.