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Brandon Bass, Jamal Crawford Win NBPA's "Teammate Of The Year" Award

The Clippers kept their most popular teammate--and added another from across the hall.

Harry How/Getty Images

As part of this year's NBPA award voting, each player had a chance to anonymously vote for his team's "teammate of the year".  For the Clippers, Jamal Crawford won--not surprising given the consistently good things we hear regarding his character and manner with his teammates.

Brandon Bass, who signed with the Clippers in July, was voted "teammate of the year" by his Lakers teammates last summer.  Bass played in 66 games off of the bench for a young, developing Lakers squad.

Crawford also won the "Best Off The Bench" award earlier today, echoing his "Sixth Man of the Year" award honors in April.

Here is the list of the "Teammate of the Year" for all 30 teams: