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Clippers Night at Dodger Stadium

While the NBA rests, the Dodger provide Clippers fans with a taste of the regular season feel with their “Clippers Night”

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The City of Los Angeles is a particularly endowed with professional sports teams. And, whether it be for reasons of geographic pride or just simple cross-promotional motivations, they often team up to share a night of partnership, even though only one team takes the field in the literal sense.

On Monday, September 19th, the Dodgers will be hosting “Clippers Night,” as they take on their rivals, the San Francisco Giants.

They are also offering a special hat, seen above, that features a Clippers logo on the side of a Dodgers hat with a color scheme that reflects that of our Clippers. Check out this link for the details.

Chuck the Condor, the Clippers’ new mascot, will also be in attendance.

It should not be ignored, of course, that the Dodgers are calling upon their Los Angeles family that also has a Northern California rival — the Golden State Warriors — as they go on to face their own Northern California rival. And with the Dodgers in first place in the NL West, they will need all the moral support they can get to hold their spot against their nearest competitor.

So, if you find yourself in L.A. this Monday, consider attending the game and supporting both our favorite team and our baseball family. The game begins at 7:10 PM.