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Blake Griffin Posterized Julius Randle

It was sick, wicked, and nasty

Los Angeles Clippers Media Day Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

People say Blake Griffin has lost his athleticism all the time. They say he doesn’t dunk any more. That he isn’t fun to watch any more. Well, that’s just not true. He might not be as explosive as he was once, but Blake Griffin still knows how to dunk. And he still enjoys nothing more than putting a helpless opponent on a vicious poster.

If you need evidence, just watch this video of him absolutely wrecking Julius Randle. It came on one of his patented dribble-drives, where he just went right around his initial defender.

Blake has played well and looks to be in fantastic health. Get ready for a monstrous season from him as he takes the reins on the Clippers. Hopefully we will see many more poster dunks in the coming months.