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Miloš Teodosić Leaves Clippers’ Game with Left Foot Injury

Late in the second quarter, Milos was forced to leave the Clippers’ game against the Suns with a left foot injury. The Clippers quickly announced he would not return

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Clippers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest worries about Miloš coming to the NBA was his ability to stay healthy during an 82 game season. He wasn’t a super durable player in Europe, and they play far fewer and less physical games. Unfortunately, it looks like that fear has already been realized (at least slightly), as he went down with a left foot injury, and won’t return to the game.

Miloš was running up the court on a fastbreak, cutting towards the basket. He then ran under the rim, and started hobbling, moving to the sideline, where he sat until trainers carried him off. The video of the injury is below. His inability to put any pressure on his foot is a bad sign (though apparently once he was in the tunnel he was able to limp). Hopefully carrying him was more of a precaution than a necessity.

Teodosić has dealt with left feet and ankle injuries before, and this could just be a continuation of those issues. He didn’t appear to turn it at all, and nobody came down on it, so hopefully it’s just a strain/sprain and keeping him out of the game is just the Clippers being safe. The worst case scenario is that it’s a torn Achilles, which is one of the most severe injuries an NBA athlete can sustain. Most NBA players who have fully torn their Achilles haven’t come returned to playing at all, or come back as far lesser versions of themselves. If Miloš sprained his foot/Achilles, he might be out a week or two. If it’s torn or ruptured, he’s done for the season.

Miloš has been fun for the Clippers through 1.5 games, and has made a true impact on the offensive side of the court. He would be a huge loss for the team in both quality and watchability. Let’s hope for the best, and pray that Miloš plays Clippers’ basketball again sometime in the near future.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski, Miloš will soon undergo an MRI to determine how bad his injury is. Fingers crossed.