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Blake Griffin to Star in Season Two of TV Show The 5th Quarter

Blake Griffin’s entertainment career is going just as well as his basketball career is, as he is making a return appearance to the scripted comedy show The 5th Quarter’s second season.

If you have ever watched Blake Griffin do just about anything off the court, it is immediately apparent that he’s a very funny person. Not only that, but he’s a legitimate comedian: he’s done stand-up, starred in entertaining commercials, and appeared in a multitude of TV shows. His career off the court continues to blossom, as he is returning to the show he featured in last year, The 5th Quarter.

5th quarter is a mockumentary series documenting the “greatest untold and untrue stories in sports history” that airs on Verizon Media’s go90. The 5th Quarter was just renewed for two more seasons of 10 episodes apiece (the 2016 season was its debut), with the second season airing on November 30.

Blake was such a success in season 1 that he is the star of the very first episode of Season 2: “Born to Walk”. The episode is about underdog Sheldon Abraham’s (played by Blake) climb to Olympic Gold, and the “development of the fiercest rivalry the sport of Men’s Race-Walking has ever seen”. Starring opposite of Blake is Jimmy O. Yang (Jian Yang from Silicon Valley) as his nemesis Jimmy Kong. Other stars include Bella Thorne, Kenny Mayne, and Hailey Baldwin.

Three episodes of The 5th Quarter will air on November 30, three more on December 10, and the final four on December 17. Season three will start running in early 2018. The series features famous comedic, sports, and entertainment figures playing themselves as well as fictional characters. Other familiar names to NBA fans who will appear on the show are: LaVar and Lonzo Ball, DeMarcus Cousins, Joel Embiid, and Baron Davis.

go90 content can be viewed for free on its app (IOS and Android), as well as at

The trailer for seasons 2 and 3 prominently feature Blake, and can be found below. He looks as funny as always, and you can be sure that Yang will be just as hilarious playing off him.