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TLTJTP: First Five, and the Dubs

The Clippers had a quick sprint to the season, before being reeled back by the Pistons. Up next? GSW.

The Clippers briefly boasted the best record in the NBA during this opening week and change to the season, but that changed with a trap game against the (rejuvenated?) Detroit Pistons. While the team has looked good at times, there were some ugly moments to the Pistons loss and even in the Blazers road win that are concerning. Austin Rivers has gotten into a bit of a groove and Danilo Gallinari can't seem to hit a shot. And if Anthony Tolliver gave Blake Griffin problems, what does that mean for his matchup against Draymond Green? How badly does DeAndre Jordan miss Milos Teodosic? It's so nice to have basketball to talk about again, and Adithya, Robert, and Shapan are back to talk it up. It's the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!