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Question of the Week: What’s Your Favorite Clippers’ Best Meal?

Some of them are adults. Some of them... are not.

The 8th Annual New York Culinary Experience Presented By New York Magazine And The International Culinary Center - Day 1
The Clippers’ ramen isn’t quite the same as this ramen.
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for the New York Culinary Experience

Some of the Clippers’ players are real-life grown-ups.

Some of them are not so much.

In a new video in the Fox Sports West series “Question of the Week,” each Clipper detailed their cooking talents by telling the camera what their best dish is.

On one end of the spectrum, Lou Williams discussed his trademark chicken dish, Blake Griffin talked about BBQ chicken, Montrezl Harrell discussed soul food, and Wesley Johnson discussed his affinity for breakfast food.

On the other end of the spectrum, Austin Rivers, Jawun Evans, DeAndre Jordan, Patrick Beverley all said that the best meal that they know how to cook is... pre-packaged ramen noodles. At least that’s a step up from Milos Teodosic’s response, which was a candid: “I know nothing.”

Which Clipper’s meal would you rather try?