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Clippers Host Rams Running Back Todd Gurley II at STAPLES Center

Always nice to see some crossover between my Clippers and my Rams!

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Todd Gurley II, the starting running back for the L.A. Rams, came to visit the Clippers last night and watch them take on the Golden State Warriors at STAPLES Center.

This makes me happy.

I didn’t really start caring about the Rams until probably about 5 years ago, when I became sufficiently interested in the prospect of them moving back to L.A. to actually care about the team. But, seeing as I’m not a huge NFL guy anyway and I ended up moving to New York, I stayed pretty out of touch until they actually physically moved to L.A. I’ve followed the team part-time (maybe half the games when I can find a stream?) for the past two seasons, and I’m super thrilled that their 5-2 record has them poised to legitimately challenge for a spot in the playoffs.

It’s pretty cool when you see your two favorite teams out there getting along and supporting each other. Gurley mentioned in an interview on the Clippers’ broadcast that he has a close relationship with backup big man Montrezl Harrell, which is another cool connection in this equation.

Hopefully the Clippers and Rams continue to interact and support each other going forward.