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Nobody is Playing Tonight in Clippers-Jazz

Everyone is out!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe tonight’s game should just be cancelled.

The Clippers probably have as much room to complain about injuries as any team that comes to mind—they’re currently missing four starters, including their best player and leading scorer Blake Griffin. Take away their best defender (Patrick Beverley), best passer (Milos Teodosic), and best shooter (Danilo Gallinari), and you see a team that doesn’t have much left—Lou Williams and Austin Rivers, two bench guards, providing all of the offense, while a disillusioned DeAndre Jordan anchors a defense. Surrounding those three are a mixed group of role players and prospects who individually might be fine but collectively form a team that... isn’t very good.

Their opponents tonight, however, aren’t in much better shape. The Utah Jazz will be missing their best player and starting center in Rudy Gobert, their leading scorer in Rodney Hood, backup point guard Raul Neto, and super-sub Joe Johnson (who has been somewhat underwhelming this season after destroying the Clippers last year in the playoffs). Additionally, they’ll continue to be without Dante Exum, who hasn’t played this season after having shoulder surgery.