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Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan Talk Almost Every Day

It appears DJ is still in regular contact with CP, and the remain very close

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Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Seven Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Per an article by Sam Amick of USA Today, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan still talk “just about every day”, in the words of Paul. That’s a bit surprising, as DJ’s supposed rocky relationship with CP was one of the primary reasons people thought DJ almost left for the Mavericks two summers ago. Either the two made up, or they were always closer than people thought.

Chris Paul has been “serving as a sounding board” for DJ, and it would be interesting to know what Paul’s thoughts on Jordan’s future are. He wishes the best for the Clippers, but also for Jordan, and it’s possible he thinks the two aren’t destined to go forward in the future. While DJ will obviously make his own choice in regards to free agency (and/or asking for a trade), Paul’s opinion could be of some weight. Any ideas regarding a trade to the Rockets should be nipped in the bud, however: Clint Capela is firmly established as the starter there.

Chris also mentioned that he talks to Clippers’ head trainer Jason Powell frequently as well. Conspicuously not mentioned: Blake Griffin and Doc Rivers. It’s been made clear that Doc and CP were not on the greatest of terms by the end of Paul’s tenure, but I’m curious as to what his relationship with Blake is at this point. Chris Paul’s (and Luc Mbah a Moute’s) first game against the Clippers will be on December 22 in Houston, so expect more statements from him and from current Clippers around that time.