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TLTJTP: Blake Griffin is Awesome & All-Star Weekend Preview

The TLTJTP duo discuss the majesty of Blake Griffin, dissect some more trade rumors, and then give a preview of All-Star Weekend

Isn't it fantastic to have Blake Griffin back and fully healthy? Patrick Zajac hosts another episode of The Lob, The Jam, The Pod, as he and Shapan Debnath discuss what the most recent stretch of games means for the Clippers as life without Chris Paul continues. Trade rumors also continue to mount and the duo give their takes on whether or not the team can and will pull off a trade of any significance. Melo? Gallinari? Chandler? Who knows.

Lastly, Patrick and Shapan give their preview and predictions for All-Star Weekend, as well as MVP picks for the game on Sunday. Let's finish the week strong and hope DeAndre puts on a show in the dunk contest!