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Midseason Roundtable Grades: J.J. Redick

Here are some of our writers’ midseason grades for J.J. Redick, the Clippers’ sharpshooter

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Clippers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Max Jeffrey: A-

Aside from an early season slump, J.J. Redick has been a reliable and efficient scorer for the Clippers’ starting unit. He is third in scoring for the Clippers, averaging 15.1 points per game, while shooting 43.9% from the field and 42.2% from behind the arc (on 6.2 attempts per game). Redick’s ability to shoot so well comes from a combination of his perpetual off-ball movement combined with a very quick release. His work ethic is precise and consistent, and while he lacks the size and tools to often be effective at the defensive end, it’s surely not for lack of effort.

Davey Bales: B

My expectations were, admittedly, too high for J.J. given the insanely efficient season he had last year, and while he hasn't quite matched his three-point potency, he's still a critical weapon for one of the league's most unstoppable five-man units. His recent slump is likely due, at least somewhat, to Chris Paul's absence, but now that Blake is back and running the offense effectively, I expect J.J.'s percentages will climb as he gets more easy looks within the flow of the half-court offense. He remains a heady team defender who rarely is caught out of position and a guy who almost never makes mistakes on the offensive end. The significant dips in FG% and 3P% (though don't get me wrong, they're still quite impressive) are enough for me to knock him down a little ways, but there's no denying his importance to the Clippers.

Kenneth Armstrong: A-

Although his shooting percentages are down from last year, they are still pretty good. Last year's three point shooting percentage was unreal, so it is understandable that JJ has come back down to earth -- to 42%. Turnovers have been a bit of a problem (his TO numbers aren't necessarily higher; however, anecdotally, he has thrown around some bad passes with Chris Paul being out). He still looks great, has been there for the team all season, and will be even more productive once CP3 is more healthy.

Robert Flom: B+

J.J. has been a very good shooting guard this year, as he has been for his entire tenure on the Clippers. He is a perfect fit in the starting lineup, and the team misses him horribly when he misses any time. Redick’s numbers are still superb, especially from deep, and he rarely makes mistakes on the offensive end. The reason this grade isn’t an A is because J.J.’s numbers have dropped a bit from last year, and I think his defense has slipped somewhat as well. He’s still a terrific player, but he’s not quite as amazing as he was last year, and at 32, more decline might be ahead. This year, however, he will be absolutely crucial to any Clippers’ push in the playoffs.

Shapan Debnath: B-

JJ's numbers have dipped across the board from what was a career year last year, but it's hard to blame him too much particularly since he's played so many games without Chris Paul. He's currently in a bit of a slump, not coincidentally during the time Paul has been shelved with his hand injury. Redick is a creature of habit and he does all the same stuff he usually does to get loose, but you can tell that in the games without Paul, things are a little bit less crisp to get it to him at those picture perfect times off the myriad of screens he comes off of. While this grade isn't particularly impressive, I don't think Redick is declining, moreso I think he's missing his backcourt partner. I expect Redick's efficiency to creep back up a bit as he gets past this slump and Paul returns to the court. He has still played well, but I think he will get better when we're healthy again.