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2017 NBA Dunk Contest: DJ Loses in 1st Round

DeAndre Jordan was one of the favorites to win the Dunk Contest, but his night ended early at the hands of Glenn Robinson III and Derrick Jones

NBA: All Star Saturday Night Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Overall, this was a pretty poor All Star Saturday night. The Skills Contest was as useless as ever, the three point contest, usually a favorite of mine, was utterly mediocre, and the Dunk Contest lacked much luster or creativity. The only Clipper participant in the evening, DeAndre Jordan, bowed out early in the Dunk Contest, coming in 3rd place (out of four).

Jordan was one of the favorites to win the Contest, but didn’t stand out, performing two solid if unspectacular dunks. They can be viewed below. Hopefully Jordan performs better during the actual All Star game, which is a much bigger stage.

The Skills Contest was won by Kristaps Porzingis, while old friend Eric Gordon triumphed in the three point shootout. Glenn Robinson III ended up beating out Jones in the Dunk Contest, though neither finalist particularly dazzled. It was not the greatest of nights to showcase the NBA.

This was DJ’s first dunk:

And this was his second dunk: