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Midseason Roundtable Grades: Brandon Bass

Brandon Bass was heralded as a steal of a pickup when Doc got him for cheap this summer. Here’s how some of our writers would grade his performance so far.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Wood: B

He may have expected to play more consistently than he has, but when he's been called upon he's been solid, using those mobile feet and yard-long arms to productive effect at both ends of the floor. It's nice to have a reliable safety valve. I suspect he'll remind us of his presence in the playoffs.

Max Jeffrey: C-

Not much was expected of Brandon Bass heading into the season; for this reason, he will be spared the harsh criticism that should accompany a player who is second-to-last in both Defensive Rating (115.4) and Net Rating (-11.1) for the Clippers. Despite his deficiencies, however, for the most part, Bass does what the Clippers need him to. In just 11.8 minutes per game, Bass is averaging 5.6 points and 2.3 rebounds while shooting 59.7% from the field and 90.6% at the free throw line (on 1.4 attempts per game). In addition, Bass leads the Clippers in True Shooting Percentage (66.4%) and ranks second in Effective Field Goal Percentage (60.1%). He’s also only played in 37 of the Clippers’ 56 total games this season, so our sample size is fairly small. Bass has at least been effective as a pick and roll big man when he is on the floor, and is a functional center in small-ball lineups. But with Blake Griffin back, DeAndre Jordan healthy as ever, and Marreese Speights overachieving, Bass likely won’t become a larger part of the Clippers’ front court rotation.

Kenneth Armstrong: A-

I must admit that I am a Brandon Bass fan, so this grade may be inflated. His game is not easy on the eyes, but there hasn't been anything more consistent for the Clippers this season than Brandon Bass finishing a pick-and-roll with a two-hand dunk. Shooting about 60% from the field and 90% from the free throw line, Bass has been what we wanted him to be -- a nice third big man. Unfortunately, with Blake's injury, the team's rotation has been off and we have seen more small-ball than one would have expected. I hope that, with Blake back, we see Bass more in a more traditional power forward role.

Robert Flom: B

Brandon Bass hasn’t played as much as I thought he would when he signed this summer. Most of that is due to the excellence of Mo Speights, however, so it can’t really be blamed on Bass. When Griffin was out, Brandon stepped into the rotation and played well. He had a stretch over a handful of games where it just seemed like he was dunking everything, and it was pretty awesome. On the whole, he’s been a solid rotation player when needed, and that’s all the Clippers could ask of him. He hasn’t blown anyone’s mind or exceeded expectations, but he has been workmanlike— which basically sums up the entirety of his career.

Shapan Debnath: C+

I really like what Brandon Bass brings to this team. He's a smart player that knows his strengths and plays to them, and he normally takes smart shots. (Two handed dunks are smart, right?) With Blake back his usefulness has decreased, but it's nice to have a power forward with his type of skills in reserve in case we need him. Kudos to breaking the 90% mark so far this year with his free throw shooting.