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2017 NBA All Star Game Preview— DeAndre Jordan’s First Appearance

Tonight, the best from East and West will face off in a completely meaningless game. Here are a few words about that game

NBA: All Star Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Where to watch: TNT

When to watch: 8:00 PM Pacific Time

How to follow along: with your eyeballs

Why should you care: You really shouldn’t care about the outcome of the game, because it means nothing, but check in to support first-time All Star DeAndre Jordan.

A Preview of the Game: The West should theoretically be able to handle the East easily if this were a real game. They possess four of the five best players in the NBA (Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry), and have a dominating size advantage. The East has only one true big man in Paul Millsap, while the West has four physical presences in DeMarcus Cousins, Marc Gasol, Anthony Davis, and DeAndre Jordan. The East’s advantage lies in it’s two way wings (LeBron, Paul George, Giannis, Jimmy Butler), and a bevy of scoring guards off the bench. Most of the best basketball players are taking part, and it should be a fun, completely non-competitive affair.

DeAndre Jordan’s First All Star Game: Later this week we should have a full-length article detailing the significance of this game to DJ’s career and legacy with the Clippers— it is massively important to his career resume. However, it’s also vital that he play well in this game of his peers. As mentioned above, he has a massive size advantage over anyone the East can put on him, and he should have access to unlimited rebounds and dunk opportunities. Virtually no defense will be played in this game, but it would still be great to see DJ swat a couple shots around the basket (especially on Isaiah Thomas, just to shut up Celtics’ fans for one minute). While big men rarely put up huge stat lines in All Star games because smaller players dominate the ball so much, DJ can still make an “impact” on this game. He’s deserved this game, and has in years past as well, so I would love to see him stand out on the big stage.

This article will also serve as the gamethread tonight. Go DJ!