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2017 NBA All Star Game Recap: DJ Barely Plays

This All Star game featured even less defense and effort than previous years, leading to an all time high in points. DeAndre Jordan’s forte is on the defensive end, and his playing time reflected that.

NBA: All Star Game-Eastern at Western Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

While Clippers’ fans were excited to see DeAndre Jordan finally selected for an All Star game, his actual impact in the game was low. He played a mere 13 minutes, tied for second least on each team, behind an about-to-be-traded DeMarcus Cousins. With Anthony Davis dunking everything in sight and exploding for an All Star record 52 points, there simply wasn’t time to play DJ extended minutes. While there was some thought that he could dominate the East’s weak frontcourt, that very weakness enabled Steve Kerr to play other players. The West won 192-182, not like the result matters anyway.

Previous All Star games have usually featured a tight game down the stretch, where real defense is played and effort is expended. That didn’t happen tonight, as the game was a dunk line from start to finish. The players clearly didn’t care (outside of Russell Westbrook and Giannis Antetokounmpo), but at least nobody got injured.

DeAndre was fine in his 13 minutes of time, throwing down a thunderous jam and grabbing a few rebounds, but didn’t play enough to make much of an imprint. I hope he gets to make another couple games, but I’m sure the experience was still amazing for him.

Meanwhile, the All Star game was completely forgotten by the end of the 4th quarter as Twitter got wind of a potential DeMarcus Cousins deal that soon manifested itself as an absolute heist for New Orleans. An Anthony Davis-Cousins pairing will certainly be dominant in the paint, and a nightmare to play for any opponent. It’s a good thing the Clippers already played all three of their games with the Pels this season.