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TLTJTP: Trade Deadline and Warriors/Spurs Preview

The trio of TLTJTP return to discuss their last remaining thoughts ahead of the trade deadline and whether the team can compete against the Warriors this week

Patrick Zajac returns to host the latest episode of The Lob, The Jam, The Podcast, along with Shapan Debnath and Robert Flom, as the guys discuss the most recent fallout from All-Star Weekend. Do changes need to be made to the dunk contest? How can players be more motivated to play defense in the All-Star Game? Then, the trio share the last thoughts on any potential trade before the deadline, and make some predictions on what big moves, if any, Doc Rivers might execute.

Later, Patrick, Robert, and Shapan preview the week ahead, which starts with a brutal back-to-back set against the Warriors and Spurs. Can the Clippers keep this one close? We sure hope so...