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DJ’s Dunk Contest Practice

DeAndre Jordan was somewhat underwhelming in the Dunk Contest. But checkout these behind-the-scenes clips to see what went into the performance.

NBA: All Star Game-Eastern at Western Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Jordan finally decided to compete in the Dunk Contest after turning it down what must have been several times. Clippers fans, as well as NBA fans as a whole, were excited to see what DJ could do: Would he able to bring back the title to the big-man group? Would he be able to follow Blake Griffin’s winning performance from a few years back?

The behind-the-scenes video of his preparation, which was produced by Fox Sports West, is below:

The first part of the video shows what looks like some of the dunks DJ considered doing, including one that starts with the ball stuck to the side of the rim. Others resembled the type of acrobatics we see during the Clippers’ pregame layup lines.

But what is perhaps the coolest part of this clip was seeing DJ’s family, including his three brothers, be a part of the preparation. DeAndre is a grown man, but it is clear that he is still fond of spending time with his mother and brothers, who are often at Clippers games.

DJ has come a long way in this league. Although he did not win the contest, the symbolic meaning of his trip to the All-Star game is an example of him beginning to solidify his legacy as more than just a marginal player during this era. And his family is enjoying the ride.